Dakota Tank Bag

Dakota Tank Bag

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The Dakota is our extremely handy top tube tank bag. Use it solo for day rides, or with a full kit for easy-access items like snacks and electronics!

  • Unique construction keeps bag shape open or closed, empty or full
  • Easy access for on-the-go use
  • Super clean aesthetics
  • Available in a Bolt-On version for Salsa (and similar) frames with top tube bosses
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

“The Dakota is very sturdily made; its shape, design and plastic inserts really help keep it stable and upright. Construction aside, I found it to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch {we tested}. It’s a great looking bag!” -Gin from bikepacking.com


  • One-piece frame sheet = bag holds its shape
  • Extra attachment on top the head tube = less lateral flop while riding


Bedrock's Dakota is a handy little bag, great for snacks, cameras, phones, or other small items. Compared with other tank bags on the market, it is uniquely constructed - a sewn-in stiffener wraps all the way around the sides and front of the bag, holding it's shape whether full, empty, open, or closed. It has a larger capacity than many tank bags, and is accessed by a single water-resistant zipper on the top. The Dakota utilizes an extra attachment point on top the head tube for extra rigidity, assuming you have a spacer on top your stem; if not, you can simply remove the extra loop. Finally, the Dakota just looks good!

The Dakota is now available in a Bolt-On version as well. The Bolt-On Dakota fits Salsa (and similar) frames with two top tube bosses, if the forward boss is approximately 76mm back from the head tube.

If for some reason the stock Dakota size/shape doesn't work for your bike, we can build you a custom-shape Dakota to fit perfectly on your rig - the process is similar to our custom frame bags. We will need you to complete our PicturePerfect photo template process - instructions here.


Weight: 126 grams / 4.5oz. Dimensions: 8.5" long, 4" tall, 3" wide (approximate). Made in Colorado, USA.


Install your Dakota by wrapping the large velcro strap on the bottom of the bag around your bike's top tube, and cinch tight. (We make these straps long for various tube sizes; if installing on a steel bike, for example, you can cut the excess strap.) Wrap the velcro on the front of the bag around your bike's steerer tube or head tube, below the stem. Finally, if you have a headset spacer above the stem, place the elastic band over the top spacer. If you don't have a spacer above the stem, you can simply cut the elastic band and remove.


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "da-KOTA" - a sandstone formation that creates a prominent cliff layer in our hometown of Durango, Colorado.


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