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The Coconino is our full-size, standard-seatpost seat bag. Absolutely unique in design and function, it is one of our most popular products. Tired of seat bag sway but not looking for an easily-damaged stabilizer system? The Coconino is for you.

  • No sway or bounce on even the roughest trails
  • No fragile racks or stabilizers
  • Super-fast removal/installation at camp
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our Bedrock Bags... the Coconino Seat Bag is fantastic! Super stable… Just great, great bags." -Ravi F., California


  • RailWing stabilizer = rock solid on the trail, virtually unbreakable, quick release and attachment at camp; circa 2015


Born on a rough singletrack tour, the Coconino seat bag is unlike any other bag on the market. Unlike traditional seat bags that attach to the saddle rails via straps alone, the Coconino utilizes a small, lightweight aluminum clamp called the RailWing (included, of course!). The RailWing neutralizes all that wagging, swaying motion bikepackers have come to associate with seat bags, and provides for quick, easy detachment and installation at camp. Unlike systems that rely on fragile stabilizers, the Coconino is ready for the roughest trails, even if you crash.

The RailWing bolts with stainless hardware and 3M texturized rubber to the back of the saddle rails and can stay on the saddle full-time, even when you're not using the bag. To install the Coconino, you simply push the bag into the RailWing, clip in the rail straps, and fasten the seatpost strap. The Coconino detaches in under five seconds flat, with no tiresome lacing of straps over the rails.

The RailWing system has some pretty unique features. First of all, it virtually eliminates lateral and vertical movement of the seat bag. Even with less-than-ideal packing, the Coconino doesn't sway and shake around on even the roughest trails. The RailWing is designed to be narrower than virtually every saddle on the market, so it is almost impossible to damage in a crash. If you do somehow manage to break it, the system is redundant, and the load-bearing strap will still retain the bag. The small bolts that hold the RailWing in place are not load bearing, and can't vibrate loose; the whole vertical load is taken by the over-rail strap. There are no moving parts to squeak or creak. Finally, the RailWing system functions as a quick-release attachment, and the bag loads up and detaches super quickly!

The Coconino is truly a very different and improved take on a bikepacking seat bag. Ride as hard as you want - the Coconino will be there, rock-solid, no matter what.


Weight: 419 grams / 14.8oz. Capacity: 7-12 liters, depending on how far you roll it up. Made in Colorado, USA.


The Coconino requires 5" of exposed seatpost and a minimum of 7" from the saddle rails to the nearest point on the rear tire. Remember, if you have a full-suspension, the rear wheel moves - check clearances with the rear shock compressed! The RailWing works on almost every saddle out there - essentially anything with "standard"-shaped rails. It does not fit: Brooks and Selle Anatomica leather saddles (it does work on the Brooks Cambium and the new Selle Anatomica X2), Fizik Kurve saddles. Carbon rails are NOT a good idea (this is true with any seat bag design, in our opinion!).

The Coconino is not compatible with dropper seatposts. If you have a dropper post, try our groundbreaking Black Dragon instead!


To install the Coconino: 1) Mount the RailWing, without its strap, to the back (slanted) portion of your saddle rails. Make sure bolts are snug, but don't go nuts. 2) Slide the RailWing strap through the rails and velcro to the top of the RailWing. 3) Pack your Coconino (see below) and roll the closure down tightly. Clip the roll into the compression straps near the nose of the bag and cinch down. 4) Push the loaded and closed Coconino into the RailWing, keeping the bag centered, and keeping the nose cone and seatpost strap aligned with the seatpost. Clip the RailWing straps into the female buckles on the main bag; secure the seatpost strap tightly. Cinch the RailWing straps tightly, and go ride. When freshly packed, you may need to retighten all straps after a bit, as the contents compress.

Like most bikepacking bags, the Coconino depends somewhat upon its contents for shape and stability. Stuffable items work best - clothing, tents, bivys, sleeping bags, etc. You can wrap other items in soft goods to mute edges and increase packability. Load heaviest items into the nose, near the seatpost; make sure to fill out the nose cone and top of the bag with gear. Stuff items tightly and don't be afraid to use those compression straps - they are there for cinching things down!


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "co-co-NEE-no" - a sandstone formation consisting of ancient sand dunes. Bike-toting hikers descend through Coconino cliffs in the Grand Canyon during the Arizona Trail Race.


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