We make the best bikepacking gear on the market.  Using only premium materials and obsessive-compulsive construction techniques,
we apply our years of real-world bikepacking, design, and sewing experience to every product we make.



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POSTED BY GUEST BLOGGER: BRETT DAVIS - Dim grey light filtered through the un-boarded window. Flecks of recently disturbed dust hung illuminated in the air like snowflakes floating under a lone street lamp. The rain tapped out a consistent rhythm on the cabin’s metal roof. It was relentless. Five weary and disheveled men sat around a large cluttered table covered with the Knick knacks of the cabin’s previous inhabitants and the remnants of their own recently consumed meal. Just over a week’s worth of hard work was etched in their weather beaten faces. A fire crackled in a wood stove bringing warmth to the men’s bone chilling day. Rain jackets, dry suits, wool socks, base layers and gloves filled the air space around the stove. Drip. Drip. Water droplets fell to the cabin’s thread bare carpet.  Click for more...


The Coconino is truly a very different and improved take on bikepacking seat bag design. 

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New to bikepacking?  Choosing the right gear can be confusing.  We've put together a guide to help you!  Click for more...