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We receive a lot of requests for custom-designed, one-off bags.  Far beyond our normal custom-fit frame bags, we often hear from customers wanting any or all of the following:

  • Materials outside of our wide selection
  • Specifications requiring extremely difficult build techniques
  • One-off, full custom shapes, sizes, or purposes

Our shop is constantly very busy, and we have had to say "no" to a lot of these requests.  The Pro Custom Program is our way to say "yes" to custom ideas.  If you need a full-custom piece and don't mind the expense associated with design, prototyping, and manufacture, chances are we can create it for you.  Costs can range from 2x-10x what you might expect from a production piece, but the process is interactive and you'll end up with something truly unique.  Not everything is possible, and there are some things we just won't build... but if it is possible with our resources and sensibilities, our ultra-experienced team can make it happen.  Ready to get started?  Contact us.