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Vishnu Handlebar Bag



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A little brother to our full-size Entrada bar bag, the Vishnu is intended for all those situations where a full-size handlebar bag is too much.

  • Perfect for long day rides or all-day races
  • Small, ultralight, unobtrusive
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"I really love these bags…. my riding partner got mass produced Amazon bike bags, he was happy with them until he saw the quality of mine… he’s VERY jealous! Excellent product!" -Bruce K., Delaware


The Vishnu is a small, superlight handlebar bag that's perfect for big day rides, 100-mile self-supported races, or extremely light multi-day setups. This little bag is made of Dimension Polyant X-Pac with a Hypalon stem/bar wear patch and military-spec webbing. Numerous well-placed bartacks strengthen wear points.

Double roll-down enclosures on the sides allow for easy access; the buckles are sewn on in such a way that you can connect the ends to each other, as well as to themselves, making various loads easy to handle. The straps are independent of the bag itself for even compression, yet cannot fall off the bag when they are loosened. The straps attach to the handlebar as well as cinching around the bag - once loaded up and cinched, this little bag is bomber!

What do we use the Vishnu for? Rain gear, snacks, a water filter, tube/tool/pump, or anything else that won't fit in the race-ready frame bag. Pair the Vishnu with a Dakota, a frame bag, and a few water bottles, and take on that 15-hour day with no backpack.


Weight: 137 grams / 4.85oz. Capacity: 1-2 liters, depending on how far you roll it up. The Vishnu is approximately 11" long when rolled three times, and 5" in diameter. Made in Colorado, USA.


The Vishnu works on almost any handlebar setup. Due to its small size, it works well even on narrow bars, or on setups with minimal clearance between the tire and bar (requires 5"). Not compatible with center-pull (cantilever) brakes.


To pack the Vishnu, simply roll down and clip one end; stuff your gear in the other end, then roll and clip. Stuffable items work best. To install, place the loaded Vishnu under your handlebar and use the large velcro loop to attach to the head tube of your bicycle. Then unclip the main straps of the Vishnu, use the small velcro loops to attach the straps to your handlebars, and clip the buckles together. Finally, cinch the straps tight and go ride!


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "VISH-nu" - an extremely old (1.75 billion years!), dark schist visible in very few places in the world - the so-called "basement rock" undergirding the West.


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