LAST GEN: Tapeats Handlebar Bag

LAST GEN: Tapeats Handlebar Bag

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The Tapeats is our singular take on a feedbag. Virtually waterproof, one-handed operation, fits lots of snacks, electronics, or other quick-access items! One of our most popular pieces of gear.

  • True one-handed access while riding
  • Virtually waterproof, great for electronics storage in the rain
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"Bedrock went with a truly unique design for [the Tapeats]. [Their] style of closure allows more security for your belongings, from both the elements and from spilling out of the bag. Overall, this style of closure beats the drawstring style closure any day."


  • Roll-top feedbag = waterproof, open/close with one hand while riding
  • Pleated shape = Folds flat when not in use, more room for knees while standing


The Tapeats is a truly unique handlebar bag that occupies a small footprint and gives the bikepacker's setup some much-needed easy-access space. Unlike other bar/stem bags, the Tapeats is virtually waterproof and is completely operational with one hand. Three-point attachment (two points on bar, one point on fork crown) make for a very solid-riding bag. The roll-top design makes it virtually impervious to rain, making this bag a great place for your camera or smartphone. It's easy to open or close the Tapeats with one hand while riding. Will expand large enough to carry a full-size Nalgene bottle, yet folds completely flat when not in use! The Tapeats' bar mount straps are removable for modular use with our Entrada handlebar bag.


Weight: 90 grams / 3.1oz. Dimensions: 6.5" tall, 4" wide, 2.5" deep (approximate). The Tapeats can expand taller than the above measurements if necessary - for example, it can fit a Nalgene and still close, although not with a roll in the closure. Made in Colorado, USA.


Works with virtually any handlebar, including taped road bars. Requires 4" of bar space. Max/min bar-to-fork-crown height: 13"/8"


Install your Tapeats by using the velcro loops to attach to the handlebar, with the bag facing the rider. The lower strap goes around the fork crown to keep the Tapeats from bouncing. To avoid damage during repeated use, this strap is meant to be snug, not cinched down tightly! Fill the Tapeats up with whatever you'd like - when closing the bag, rolling the closure will provide the most waterproof seal.


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "ta-PEETS" - a 500-million-year-old sandstone formation that lies just above the "Great Unconformity", a billion-year blank spot in the geologic record.


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