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2018 Gear of the Year at!

There's only one original. Carry repair essentials, snacks, or other small items in our original design Sinbad Stash Pack. Straps almost anywhere on your bike and folds flat when not in use!

  • Keep essential gear close
  • Mount almost anywhere on your frame - works on saddle rails too, perfect for dropper posts!
  • Roll down closure, folds flat when not in use
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"For daily riding, I’ve found that using [a Sinbad] for my tool kit under my seat has been perfect: so much better than any of the designated small seat bags I’ve used in the past. Thanks for making such awesome bags!" -Susannah C., Virginia


  • Bedrock original design; circa 2016
  • Straps almost anywhere, works on any bike
  • Bomber strap makes for rock-solid attachment
  • Roll-top closure = water stays out, easy access to gear


Back by popular demand: We've refined the design of a customer-favorite limited edition piece and added it to the permenant lineup as the Sinbad Stash Pack. Carry your essentials with no fuss almost anywhere on your bike's frame using the Sinbad! Simply fill the roll-top pack with smaller items - a tube, tire levers, multi-tool, snacks, or whatever else you want to carry - roll down firmly, and strap the pack to your bike wherever it makes sense to you (we do NOT recommend fork legs!). Works great on saddle rails as a small seat bag, and is compatible with dropper posts!

Folds flat when not in use, and can strap to your bike in the folded state.


Approximately 6" tall (closed; 9" open) x 3.5" wide x 3" deep. Weight: 2.5oz / 72g.

Made in Colorado, USA.


Fill the Sinbad with whatever you'd like, and roll the top down until the contents are firmly compressed (at least twice). Clip the buckle on the roll. Thread the strap through the loops on the bag's sides, logo facing out. Place the bag anywhere on your bike's frame it will fit - keep in mind that clearances can change with suspension or dropper post movement! Use the strap to secure the bag to the frame - pass the strap through its own buckle, pull tight, and secure the Velcro. If empty, you can still keep the Sinbad on your bike - simply 1) fold the bag flat, 2) wrap the strap around the bag and frame tube, 3) pass the strap through the buckle, 4) wrap a second time around your frame, 5) pass through the buckle again and secure normally.


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "SIN-bad" - a formation in Utah known for preserving fossils 250 million years old.


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