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Use our Redwall Pogies to keep your hands warm during cold, snowy rides.

  • Wear a thin glove, have better tactile controls feel, and stay warm
  • Keep wind off your entire hand and wrist
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"...Thank you for making a great product. Had to test [my Redwall pogies] right away in 18 degree weather with a 0 degree wind chill and 40mph gusts off of Lake Michigan... needless to say my hands were warm!" -Fred W., Michigan


Keep those hands warm while out riding this winter! Our Redwall Pogies strap onto your handlebars, creating a microclimate around your controls. Pogies allow you to wear thinner gloves, making it easy to feel and control your brake levers and shifters. They cut any wind to virtually zero, allowing for warm hands without relying on bulk.

The Redwall slips on any flat or riser handlebar over the controls and velcros in place, locking out drafts. A velcro loop on the handlebar end keeps the Redwall from slipping down on the ends. Foam-insulated and made with our heaviest-weight X-Pac fabrics for warmth and rigidity - no fishing around for the open end of these pogies! They stand up on their own, allowing you to remove and insert your hands at will.

While there are larger, bulkier, warmer (and much more expensive) pogies out there, the Redwall is intended for the conditions most winter riders encounter, roughly 0*-30*F. Personally we've used the Redwall down to -10*F, wearing thin autumn-weight gloves, and easily maintained warm hands.


Weight: 206 grams / 7.25oz. One size fits almost all - an XXL-glove-sized hand fits just fine in the Redwall. Made in Colorado, USA.


Works with flat and riser handlebars.


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "RED-wall" - a limestone formation found throughout the southwest.


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