RailWing Seat Bag Stabilizer

RailWing Seat Bag Stabilizer



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Here you can purchase three different versions of the RailWing: 1) Used independently of the Coconino seat bag, the Retrofit RailWing can help reduce sway in certain other models of seat bags; 2) The Coconino version is for replacement or extra purposes (say, if you want a second RailWing for a second bike); and 3) The Black Dragon version is for replacement or extra purposes.

  • Keep your non-Bedrock seat bag more stable
  • Make your non-Bedrock seat bag easier to remove and install
  • Works with certain other brands/models only - see compatibility below
  • If you already have a Coconino or Black Dragon, use an extra RailWing to easily swap the bag to a second bike

"I'll 100% be recommending you guys to my friends!!" -Matt H.


  • The entire RailWing = no one else makes a product like this, in form or function


The Railwing is a major part of our Coconino and Black Dragon seat bags’ incredible stability. While it is included with the Coconino (and a different version with the Black Dragon), we offer the Railwing separately for retrofit use on Revelate Viscacha and Pika models, along with some other brands' seat bags. While the Railwing as a retrofit will not realize the full benefits of the Railwing as part of the complete Coconino, it will lessen seat bag sway and provide quick-release/quick-install ability for many other bags. No more threading the straps through the rails every time you want to take the bag off the bike at camp!

We also sell the Coconino and Black Dragon versions of the RailWing separately. These items are exactly like the factory stock versions, and are excellent for replacement purposes, or for use on a second bike, so that you can swap the bag from bike to bike without removing the RailWing from the saddle.


Weight: 109 grams / 3.9oz. Made in Colorado, USA. (NOTE: The standalone RailWing is not exactly the same as the Coconino OR the Black Dragon version. If you need a spare for your Bedrock seat bag, order that specific version.)


To use the Railwing on Revelate's seat bags, you must have the bags with the removable rail strap (the urethane-coated webbing on top of the bag). Once this strap is removed and the Railwing is bolted to your seat rails, you will be able to clip your Viscacha or Pika directly into the Railwing. This will not work with the older Revelate bags with the sewn-in rail strap! This is also the case for other brands of bags.

The RailWing works on every saddle we have tested EXCEPT for Brooks leather saddles (it does work on the Cambium). Do not purchase for use on a Brooks leather saddle!


Bolt the RailWing onto the rear-most (slanted) portion of your saddle rails. Thread the RailWing strap through the rails and velcro to the top of the RailWing. Remove the urethane-coated webbing from your seat bag (the part that normally goes over the rails). Push your seat bag into the RailWing, clip the RailWing straps into the seat bag buckles, and fasten the seatpost strap. Cinch all straps tightly.


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