LTD: Bedrock Anodized Vargo Titanium Cookware

LTD: Bedrock Anodized Vargo Titanium Cookware

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LIMITED EDITION GEAR, AUTUMN 2019: Custom-Anodized Titanium Cookware

Keeping the tradition of our former Fresh Bag Of The Month series alive, we create new Limited Edition gear every so often. Once sold out, it's gone for good!

One of our employees, Peter, formerly worked at Moots and now has a side business anodizing titanium - Agave Finishworks. Peter custom-anodized these high-quality Vargo titanium pieces for us, and they look awesome! Get your camp vibe on, boil some water, drink some coffee - please, just store the mug properly. #DitchTheDangle :)

  • Quality Vargo titanium cookware
  • Custom-anodized with the Bedrock logo
  • Three versions available - a 750ml mug/pot, the 1L BOT (bottle-pot), or a combo of our Honaker BOT bag and the custom-ano BOT!

"Keep doing what you guys do. In my opinion, you’re the best makers in the scene." -Mark T., Pennsylvania


What's better than titanium cookware? Custom-anodized titanium cookware! These quality Vargo ti pieces, anodized with the Bedrock logo, are certain to be part of your cook kit for years to come.

The 750ml mug/pot is a great size for cooking single-person meals, hot drinks, and is ideal for people wanting to bring the lightest, most minimal gear on a trip, as it can serve many purposes. The strainer lid makes it great for cooking pasta or other items that need draining.

The titanium BOT (bottle-pot) is something we've used for years, and have even built a bag around - the Honaker BOT. Functioning as both water carrier and cookpot, the BOT excells at keeping your cook kit small, light, and fast.


  • MUG/POT - 4.5"H x 4"D, 120g/4.2oz, 750ml
  • BOT - 6.5"H x 4"D, 140g/5.0oz, 1L

Made in Colorado, USA.


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