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The Honaker BOT allows you to carry a Vargo BOT in the wasted space below your down tube on bikes that don't have bottle bosses. It serves double duty as a small handlebar bag.

  • No bounce or movement on even the roughest trails
  • Carry extra water even without cage mounts
  • One-of-a-kind design

"I'd just like to say my gear arrived today and I had high expectations which were exceeded when I opened the package. You have obviously put a lot of thought and experience into the design and making of these products." -Ed


  • The entire design = this is the only bag on the market for this purpose


The Honaker BOT is just like it's little brother, the Honaker, except instead of being sized for a Nalgene bottle, the Honaker BOT is specifically designed for Vargo's slightly-larger BOT (Bottle-pOT). We use this system here at Bedrock. Carry an extra liter of water in the BOT on your way to camp. When it's time for dinner just pull the BOT out of the Honaker, flip the lid and start cooking. Brilliant! The Honaker BOT also does double duty as a handle bag bag for a jacket or extra layers. Two bags in one!

The Honaker BOT is the bag you never knew you needed - until you use one. It allows you to carry a full Vargo BOT in the unused space below your down tube, in front of your bottom bracket, keeping water weight low and allowing more space in your frame triangle for food or gear. No under-tube bottle mount bosses needed!

The secret to the Honaker BOT's ability lies in careful design. An adhesive velcro strip (included) is applied to the underside of the down tube, and paired with velcro sewn into the bag, keeps the Honaker BOT from slipping down the tube. Rubberized straps prevent rotation or "swing" around the down tube, even when used on small-tube steel bikes. The Honaker BOT covers a Vargo BOT completely, keeping the BOT clean regardless of conditions outside (helpful when riding through a rainstorm in cattle country - been there, done that!). Installed properly, the Honaker BOT has more ground clearance than your chainring (even a 32t 1x or SS), will not move while riding, and essentially disappears until you need that extra water. The Honaker is proven on the Colorado Trail and Arizona Trail, both very rough in places.


Weight: 84 grams / 3.0oz. Dimensions: 8" tall, 4" diameter (approximate). Made in Colorado, USA.


Due to potential front wheel clearance issues, the Honaker is intended for 29ers and 650b bikes without radically curved down tubes, and 26" bikes with rigid forks. Your down tube must provide a flat surface along the length of the Honaker. Before deciding you need a Honaker, you should grab a Nalgene and your bike, and mock up where the Nalgene will need to sit on the down tube. Make sure you have plenty of tire clearance when the fork is completely compressed. NOTE: You can use the Honaker without the adhesive velcro in a large fork-mounted cage (i.e. Salsa Anything Cage), but you cannot use the Honaker on a fork with no cage.

The Honaker does not often work on road bikes - narrow BB's, Q-factors, and large chainrings don't mix with a wide bag.

The Honaker BOT works with JetBoil Flash and Zip stoves, but as they are slightly larger in diameter than the BOT, the fit is a bit tight.


When used as a handlebar bag, the Honaker can be packed with whatever you like; to install, simply install the main straps over the handlebar and use the velcro loop to secure to the head tube.

When used under the down tube, the Honaker should only be used with a Vargo BOT - this provides the necessary rigidity for proper operation. To install under the down tube:

1) Clean the down tube with alcohol. Mock up where the Honaker should sit - just higher than the bottom of the chainring (for ground clearance) but low enough to avoid interference with the front tire when the fork is compressed.

2) Firmly apply the adhesive velcro to the clean down tube. The location you carefully choose the first time will allow you to simply "match up" the velcro on the Honaker during future installation, making it quick and easy.

3) Remove the velcro loop (intended for handlebar use). Attach the loaded Honaker's velcro to the down tube velcro, and thread the straps over the down tube.

4) Lace the straps through their buckles and cinch tightly. CINCH TIGHTLY! Properly installed, the Honaker will not move on rough trail, but you must tighten those straps firmly.


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "HAHN-a-ker" - a group of dark limestones formed in a shallow sea environment. The layer is named after a trail built by the Honaker brothers in the 1890s, near a popular bikepacking route.


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