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2018 Gear of the Year at Bikepacking.com!

The Hermosa UL Panniers are perfect for commuting, easy singletrack, lightweight road touring, and on any trip when you need just a little more space than bikepacking gear generally allows.

  • Extremely lightweight panniers - under 1.5 pounds for the set!
  • Super-solid attachment system, zero rattle or movement between rack and panniers
  • Highly weather-resistant roll-top closure using waterproof materials
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"I had been using a pair of [other high-end panniers] previously, but a) found them to be a little too large, b) found them to be a little too heavy, and c) found them to be entirely too noisy. The Hermosas addressed all of these issues, and the quality of the bags is, as expected, top notch." Mark T., Pennsylvania

"I also am very impressed with the Hermosa Panniers. They are so light but very solidly made. They should last a long time. I also found the design for mounting them on my Salsa rack to be simple and very effective. Those panniers are not going anywhere once they are secured." Don T., Iowa


Every once in a while, here at Bedrock, we find ourselves in need of a set of panniers. Grocery store rides, commuting to work, or even longer bikepacking trips where the volume of our standard bikepacking gear isn't quite enough - all times when a small, lightweight set of panniers would be the perfect companion. But we weren't happy with any of the options out there, so we made our own. After a few years of getting consistent questions about our one-off panniers, we finally decided to design and manufacture a production version. Enter the Hermosa UL Panniers.

The Hermosa UL Panniers are unlike most other panniers on the market. Instead of a metal or plastic hook system, the Hermosa uses a webbing, velcro, and buckle arrangement that is extremely secure, less prone to breakage, and has zero rattle. Constructed of the highest-quality X-Pac and ballistic nylon, these panniers are built to last. An internal framesheet keeps the rack-side panel firmly in place against the rack, and the soft-sided roll-top bag is highly weather-resistant and durable.

The Hermosa UL Panniers are also extremely light. With no heavy hardware, these panniers are constructed with heavy-weight, durable materials, but also only weigh under 1.5 pounds. These panniers are as at home on a ultralight, cross-country road touring rig as on a fatbike in the desert, carrying extra water.

If you're planning on riding the Colorado Trail, Arizona Trail, or other extremely rough, technical singletrack tour, these panniers aren't for you. (No panniers are, at that point!) But for tamer singletrack, dirt roads, pavement tours, commuting, or spartan living off your bicycle, the Hermosa UL Panniers are perfect!


Weight: 630 grams / 22oz.

Volume: ~26 liters max for the set, rolled three times; ~14 for the set, rolled down all the way.

Dimensions: 11" wide, 4" deep, 12-18" tall.

Weight capacity: 15 pounds max per side. Made in Colorado, USA.


The Hermosa UL Panniers were designed with Salsa Alternator and Wanderlust racks in mind. However, they are compatible with many racks, both rear and front. Use the following specs to make certain they will work on your rack:

  • Upper straps, outside-to-outside lateral measurement: 6.5"
  • Upper straps, inside-to-inside lateral measurement: 3.5"
  • Upper straps are 1.5" wide, each
  • Minimum height from any lower rail of rack to upper rail of rack: 12"
  • Maximum height from any lower rail of rack to upper rail of rack: 15"

You need to think about two things when looking at your rack: 1) Whether the Hermosa's upper straps will have room to strap to your rack's upper rail. Use the first three measurements above to confirm this. 2) Whether the Hermosa will be able to tie down to your rack at the bottom. Use the last two measurements above to confirm this. Remember that if your rack has multiple horizontal crossbars on the side, you can tie down to any one of them, as long are they are between 12-15" from the upper rail on your rack.


To install the Hermosa UL Panniers:

1) Check out the last few product photos above.

2) Install the upper straps onto your rack's upper rail by placing the webbing with buckle over the rack rail, then thread the velcro through the buckle on the inside of the rack rail. It can be easier to flip the Hermosa pannier up on its head, over your rack, to better access the velcro. Then, simply pull snug and attach the velcro to the back of the pannier. If you've done this correctly, the webbing is all that will contact the rack's rail.

3) Once you have both upper straps in place, take the strap on the lower corner of the Hermosa, thread around your rack's lower rail, and double back through the buckle. Pull snug. Depending on your rack, you may have some excess strap, which you can tie off to keep it tidy.

Loading, securing, and riding with the Hermosa UL Panniers is easy! Simply load items in the top (heavier items on the bottom and up against the rack side), roll the top down tight, buckle up and cinch the straps down. Go ride!


Many of our products are named after geologic layers. "her-MO-sa" - a red limestone-sandstone formation common in the Durango area. This formation is responsible for the oft-red color of Hermosa Creek, along which the well-known Hermosa Creek Trail runs.


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