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The Greysill is our well-thought-out, unique take on the ubiquitous hip pack. What makes the Greysill different is our attention to how the pack rides on your body, along with the creative design, bomber materials, and build quality that are Bedrock hallmarks. The Greysill is rock solid whether you're cruising smooth singletrack or hitting big jumps and drops. The best thing we can say about the Greysill? It's so comfortable and solid, you'll forget it's even there.

  • Creative design offers 4L+ volume, rock-solid ride quality, and a unique, sharp aesthetic
  • A great gear-carrying option for people who don't like backpacks and have limited room on their bikes
  • Compatible with many lumbar reservoirs
  • With the addition of our Greysill Bottle Holster, also carries bottles
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"I love my [Greysill] hip pack, it is so comfortable! Wore it on a ride this weekend. It was perfect." -Mikaela L., Colorado

"I just received [the Greysill]. Wow... really nice!" -Paul L., NYC


There are a lot of hip packs out there. Our team tried many of them - from brands large and small - but we couldn't find any we really liked. So we sat down and designed something we thought we'd like. We rode it; scrapped it; then repeated the process several times. It turns out that making a hip pack that rides really well is quite a challenge! In the end, we came up with a creative hip belt design that solved the problem. The Greysill: excellent volume, extremely comfortable, and a very solid ride. Tucked nicely into the small of your back, there's no bounce, no shifting, no flopping around.

The Greysill features a 4-liter main pocket; an internal sleeve pocket contains a key clip and allows for some division of contents. A bomber waterproof zipper (the same thing we use on our frame bags) tops off the main compartment; two zipper sliders allow you to run a hydration hose out either side of the pack, should you decide to add a lumber hydration reservoir. The Greysill's outer, buckled flap contains a zippered mesh pocket, and can be used as expandable storage space. If the pack is full and you need somewhere to stash an extra layer, simply roll it up, stuff it between the flap and main bag, and cinch the outer straps. Upper compression straps make certain everything stays put. Finally, the Greysill's mesh back keeps you cool, while the broad side "wings" allow for all-day comfort.

Want to carry water bottles with your Greysill? Easy. Add one or two of our Greysill Bottle Holsters and you'll be hydrated like nobody's business.

The Greysill is ready to hit the trail whenever you are - let's roll!


Weight: 280 grams / 10oz. Dimensions: 11" wide, 6" tall, 4" deep (approximate). Volume: Approximately 4 liters in main pocket; additional items like rain gear/layers can be securely stuffed and strapped between the pocket and outer flap. Made in Colorado, USA.


Fits people with a body circumference *actually measured around the hips or waist, not pants size* between ~28-46". You should measure where you'll be wearing the bag; some of us prefer it around the hips, some of us around the waist.


Using the Greysill is straightforward, but you'll get the best performance out of it if you follow these guidelines. Before putting the Greysill on, make sure the upper compression straps are loose. Buckle the main strap around your waist. If the pack is fully loaded, make sure the strap is straight around your body (not sagging to the rear) and the Greysill tucks nicely into the small of your back. Cinch the main strap, then cinch the upper compression straps. Go ride!


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