FACTORY SECOND: Moab Handlebar Bag

FACTORY SECOND: Moab Handlebar Bag

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**THIS PAGE SHOWS ONLY FACTORY SECOND INVENTORY.** Factory seconds are items that don't quite meet our normal cosmetic quality standards, yet are perfectly functional. Often people can't even tell the difference; we are simply picky! If you purchase a Factory Second item, you're saving some cash, and you'll receive a 100% functional bag with small cosmetic flaws such as crooked or messy stitching, inadvertent needle holes, slight alignment issues, etc. There are no returns on Factory Second items.

The Moab is our completely unique take on a handlebar bag for modern trail bikes. Unlike any other full-size handlebar bag available, the Moab takes advantage of modern MTB geometry while preserving rock-solid stability and precise handling on the trail.

  • Intended for use with modern mountain bike geometry - short stems, long top tubes, and wide bars
  • No bounce or movement on even the roughest trails
  • Keeps gear weight close to the steering axis for ideal handling
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.
  • For full product description, including compatibility, specifications, and more, visit the normal Moab page here.


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