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EDC Micro Frame Bag



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Need a small, quality frame bag that fits almost any mountain bike? How about one that's less than half the cost of our most basic Custom Frame Bag? The EDC (Every Day Carry) Micro Frame Bag is for you.

  • Fits almost any modern mountain bike - full-suspension or hardtail - often with room for a water bottle!
  • Perfect size for your daily ride essentials kit
  • Much less than half the cost of our most basic Custom Frame Bag
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

"Just installed my EDC and wanted you to know that I'm really happy with it... it fits perfectly." -Scott N., New Mexico


Our EDC (Every Day Carry) Micro Frame Bag is perfect for any rider who wants to carry daily ride essentials on their bike. Enduro bikes, trail bikes, hardtails - the EDC fits almost any modern-geometry MTB, and some gravel/road bikes as well. And, since we can batch build this stripped-down, two-sizes-only version of our Custom Frame Bag, the EDC Micro Frame Bag is an excellent value! Fill the EDC with your daily ride kit, strap it to your bike, and forget about it.

What fits in the EDC? A 29er tube, multi-tool, minipump, and tire levers fit with room to spare for a snack. A drive-side water-resistant zipper with a wide, flap-style opening allows for super easy access to all your gear when you lay your bike down on the non-drive side. Made with the same durable, high-performance fabrics we use on our larger pieces, the EDC is built to last in real-world trail conditions. The EDC mounts to your bike using re-positionable velcro straps, making it easy to avoid cable stops, braze-ons, or tank bag straps.

Get rid of the backpack and never forget your ride essentials again - with the EDC, they're always on your bike!


Weight: 69 grams / 2.4oz. Capacity: Approximately 0.5 liters. Dimensions (use these to determine the best fit for your bike):

  • SMALL - 8" on down tube; 6.5" on top tube (curved); 3.75" on back; 2.5" wide.
  • LARGE - 6.5" on down tube; 8" on top tube; 4.75" on back; 2.5" wide.

Made in Colorado, USA.


The EDC Micro Frame Bag fits on almost any modern-geometry mountain bike. See photos above for examples on various bike types. We offer two sizes of the EDC, each of which work best on certain frame types. Here are some further examples, but to determine best fit you should consult the measurements listed on the "Specifications" tab and compare them to your frame:

  • The Small size works very well on most full-suspension bikes with horizontally-mounted rear shocks - most Specialized, Salsa, Santa Cruz, and many others.
  • The Large size is a better choice for most full-suspension bikes with vertically-mounted rear shocks - most Trek, Norco, Transition, Giant, newer Santa Cruz, and many others.
  • The Large size is also generally best for hardtails, and smaller-frame-size gravel/road bikes. The Large EDC can be made to work on some larger-frame-size gravel/road bikes, but it won't fit nearly as well.
  • Depending on your bike and bottle cage placement, you can often use a water bottle in conjunction with the EDC!


Simply fasten the EDC's velcro straps around your bike's frame tubes. Make sure you tighten the straps firmly! Fill with repair essentials, snacks, or whatever you'd like. Close the zipper and go ride!


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