Custom Frame Bag

Custom Frame Bag

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Utilizing our PicturePerfect photo template process - easier for you, same tailored Bedrock fit! Click here for PicturePerfect instructions.

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Utilizing our convenient PicturePerfect digital photo template process, our custom-tailored frame bags fit your frame perfectly, and are great for everything from short town rides to multi-month epics. Use that empty space and quit the backpack!

  • Tailored fit for clean lines on any frame
  • Hardtail or full-suspension versions
  • Hundreds of existing frame templates
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.

“I’m a picky SOB, so when I say that I opened the box, took out and examined my frame bag, and was not disappointed, that’s saying something. I can’t even remember the last time I handled a piece of gear that was so well-crafted, sturdy and met all my expectations. It’s a thing of beauty. I don’t think I could be any happier with it. Thanks so much.” -Paul L., Colorado

"Guys, [my custom frame bag] fits so good the Velcro is overkill! ... Awesome fit." -Steve M, Washington

"The bag is kick-ass perfect. Thanks!" -Mark T, Virginia


Get the weight off your back and onto your bike with a frame bag! Frame bags aren't just useful on long trips, but for everyday rides as well, carrying your tools, tube, pump, rain jacket, and lunch with ease. Here at Bedrock, we use frame bags on every personal bike, full-time.

Our custom bags are tailored to fit customers' frames, one by one, using our PicturePerfect photo template process. We can make bags for hardtails and full-suspension rigs, reclaiming the lost space inside your frame's front triangle. Our bags utilize some of the world's toughest fabrics (X-Pac, Dyneema, others) on the sides and a true 1680 ballistic nylon (beware of cheap imitations!) on the spine - each fabric is chosen for its unique wear characteristics and location of usage. Each bag is tailored with top-notch craftsmanship, resulting in a fit that's beaten by none. Waterproof zippers, a padded spine, and a hydration hose/earbuds port finish out each bag.

It should be noted that some of the other full-triangle bags out there that purport to fit many different frames, while functional, have a much less-tailored fit - nothing is custom unless it's actually custom!

IMPORTANT: When you click that "Add to Cart" button, an info box will appear, asking for your bike info, color choices, and other notes. We may need to build your bag from a template we already have (we have hundreds). Or, maybe your bike is something new to us, and you'll need to complete our easy PicturePerfect photo template process. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to let you know whether we're all set on the template, or if we need photos from you.



  • 1-Pocket: A full-size pocket on the drive side, with a single zipper.
  • 2-Pocket: A full-size pocket on the drive side, plus a full-triangle map sleeve on the non-drive side, each with a single zipper. The 2-Pocket's map sleeve is great for flat items, or small items that you don't want to lose in the main pocket.


All of our frame bags include full padded spines and hydration hose ports. Custom colors include black, grey, matrix grey, red, electric blue, southwest turquoise, deep purple, dark camo, olive green, coyote brown, and waxed canvas (canvas may incur additional cost, depending on amount needed). See photo above for color choices. We can split the color above and below the zipper; different colors on different sides of the bag - you choose!

We offer additional options for folks looking for even more utility (see photos above):

  • Internal Pocket and MOLLE System: This set of features is great for internal organization, and includes two pieces. 1) A mesh pocket with an elastic top, located on the upper internal down-tube portion of the bag's spine. Great for multi-tools, energy bars, cash/ID, etc. 2) MOLLE - This is a strip of nylon webbing bartacked in 1.5" loops to the internal top portion of the bag's spine, along with OneWrap Velcro straps that can be placed in any of the webbing loops. This allows you to secure pumps, water filters, small tools, or anything roughly cylindrical to the inside of the bag, keeping them from rattling around or damaging other contents.
  • Internal Divider: This is a large, reinforced Velcro divider that serves two functions. First, it keeps larger frame bags from bulging in the center; second, it allows for some division of contents in the bag. This divider is oriented vertically, which makes it perfect for placing water bladders upright behind the divider, and allows for easy access to the entire bag from the zipper opening. The divider is able to be folded back along the sides of the bag if you need to carry larger items in the bag. Dividers are not available on full-suspension frame bags.
  • Partial Bolt-On: We have made many bolt-on frame bags, including the one that helped Black Cat Bikes win 2016 NAHBS Best of Show. Partial bolt-on bags utilize the bottle cage bolts for a clean, strapless look; there are still some straps on the bag, along the top tube, behind the zipper, on the upper end of the down tube, and along the seat tube on full-suspension bikes. An internal plastic spine maintains the bag's shape and the bolt holes are reinforced with grommets. Performance-wise, there isn't much benefit beyond less finish wear on your frame. Mostly, they just look cool! Adding this option means we'll utilize the down tube bosses on full-sus bikes, or the down tube AND seat tube bosses on hardtails. For custom frames with extra braze-ons, we can build full bolt-on bags; contact us for details.


Weight: Varies depending on bag size, but generally between 8-14oz. We make most bags 2.5" wide, but can do 3" wide for fatbikes; just specify 3" wide in the notes on your order. Made in Colorado, USA.


Installing and using a frame bag seems pretty obvious, but it isn't always as simple as it appears. Here's some important info:

Install your frame bag by fastening the velcro straps around the frame tubes. IMPORTANT: Don't overtighten! We have seen several users stretch the side panels taut, literally wrapping the spine of the bag partially around the frame tubes. In extreme cases, this can lead to destructive forces on the bag. Ensure that the frame bag sits evenly inside all frame tubes, with the spine of the bag natually relaxed. The seams at the edges of the side panels should be nice, smooth lines, not stretched into "peaks" at the velcro straps. Properly installed and empty, your frame bag will be almost a little loose in the triangle.

As you can see in one of the photos above, there are two different straps on the top-front of the bag. One is sewn into the seam, and one is a velcro loop through bartacked webbing. For most bikes, use the sewn-in strap, and simply remove the velcro loop. If, however, you are using a Dakota tank bag (or another brand's similar bag) and the Dakota strap interferes with your frame bag strap, fold the sewn-in strap under the top tube and use the velcro loop instead.

Using your frame bag is indeed pretty simple. Just load and ride! Keeping heavier items in the bottom of the bag makes sense for good bike handling. To ensure long life for your bag, don't overstuff it. If you are squeezing just that last item in there and the zipper doesn't want to close, try loosening the straps a bit - this can "relax" the bag and the zipper may close easily.

Finally, for bolt-on bags: We include small washers and a fabric patch for use with bolt-on bags. The small washers should be placed on your water bottle boss bolts before placing through the grommets in the frame bag spine; the fabric patch should be placed between the grommets and the frame, to prevent any damage to your frame's finish.


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