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Our Chinle Handlebar Harness allows you to use almost any dry bag or stuff sack as a handlebar bag, while preserving stability and precise handling on the trail. Using the pocket and technology from our complete handlebar bag systems, the Chinle upgrades your existing roll bag to a trail-worthy cargo solution.

  • Great for dry bags, stuff sacks, tents, packrafts, and much more
  • Minimal bounce or movement
  • Keeps gear weight close to the steering axis for ideal handling
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and water-resistant materials - more details here.


So you like our Entrada Handlebar Bag, but you want to use your own dry bag? Our Chinle Handlebar Harness allows you to do just that. Pair the Chinle with almost any dry bag or stuff sack to create a functional handlebar cargo system that rides solid on the trail. Plus, the integrated pocket gives you extra easy-access cargo space!

Perfect for tents, sleeping bags, packrafts, or whatever else you want to stuff in there, the Chinle is a perfect compliment to your bikepacking rig.


Weight: 275 grams / 9.7oz. Made in Colorado, USA.


The Chinle Handlebar Harness works well with dry bags, stuff sacks, small packrafts, or other cylindrical cargo with a minimum diameter of 5" and a maximum diameter of 10".

To prevent contact between your front tire and your cargo, you need to make certain that you have room between the two when installed. If you have a suspension fork, check clearances with the fork completely compressed. For example: If you want to use a 7" diameter dry bag with the Chinle, compress your suspension fork completely and measure between the front tire and your handlebar. You'll need at least 7.25" of clearance to be safe.


As with most bikepacking gear, the Chinle Handlebar Harness depends on its contents to define its shape and ride quality. Cyclindrical items, rolled or stuffed firmly, work best. Pack tightly and don't be afraid to use the compression straps - they are there to be cinched down!

For installation instructions (very important!), follow the steps below.

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Start with the harness and pocket separated.

2) Install the harness portion by using the rear-mounted head tube strap to secure to the head tube of your bike's frame. The orange face should be facing forward, with the longer edge facing upward.

3) Install the handlebar straps by securing the OneWrap velcro loops around the handlebar.

4) Clip the pocket into the upper strap buckles. Place your dry bag under the handlebar and directly against the orange face of the harness.

5) Fasten the lower buckles between the pocket and the harness. You can resize the lower straps to fit your cargo as needed.

6) Cinch the upper straps to secure your cargo tightly against the handlebar, and go ride!


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