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Welcome to the first video in our new BIKEPACKING HOW-TO series. We’ve got some great topics lined up to bring newcomers and old hands alike - you! - some deep-dive info on bikepacking. Got a great idea for a new video topic? Let us know!

If you want hot food in the backcountry, you need a cook kit. Learn about the ultralight alcohol stove cook kits we use - and we'll also show you a tasty backcountry recipe!

We use a lot of Vargo gear, simply because we dig it. Check out Vargo stuff here - and no, we're not sponsored or anything:

RECIPE for CHICKEN MARBELLA (Joey's modified version):

Combine in ziploc bag or similar:
1/2 cup: Cous-cous
1/4 cup: Dehydrated Vegetables (Karen's "Just Veggies" are great)
1 teaspoon: Dried Oregano
1/2 teaspoon: Salt
1/4 teaspoon: Garlic Powder
1 packet: Broth Powder (available at Natural Grocers and similar)

Separately, bring:
1/3 cup: Chopped Dates
1 packet (tablespoon): Olive Oil
1 packet (2.5oz): Black Olives
1 package (7oz): Chicken (or, for lighter, smaller pack size, tuna or beef jerky)

To prepare: Set 1 cup of water on to boil. Add contents of ziploc bag while water is cold to pre-soak. When close to boiling, add chicken (or tuna/jerky), olives, dates, and oil. Stir. Bring to full boil, then snuff the stove and place the pot in your homemade Reflectix pot coozy (you did make one, didn't you?). Let sit for 5-10 minutes, then dig in! You may need to experiment with the amount of water and the cook time, depending on your elevation and climate.

For the original Backpacker's Chicken Marbella recipe, check out Fresh Off the Grid here:

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Moving Sale!

In 2012, Andrew started Bedrock Bags in a spare bedroom in his house. In 2015, Andrew partnered with a local bike industry pro - Joey - and they built out a new, 1200-square-foot space at the Horse Gulch Trailhead in Durango. Now, we’ve outgrown that space, and we’ll soon be moving across town to an awesome large loft in the Smiley Building, one of Durango’s coolest building restoration projects. We’re stoked!

We have a lot of stuff to move - machines, tables, equipment, raw materials, and finished inventory. We don’t want to truck everything we have across town, and we can’t sell any machines, so we’re going to put all stock gear on sale from May 3-12! If you’re looking to get set up for 2019’s adventures, there’s no better time. Save yourself some cash, and save our backs from moving more bins of gear than we have to. :)

The lobby/coffee shop at the Smiley Building in downtown Durango.

The lobby/coffee shop at the Smiley Building in downtown Durango.

Above and below you can see parts of our new shop HQ. The Smiley Building is an old school building, formerly abandoned, purchased before demolition, and lovingly restored instead. There’s a coffee shop and cafe downstairs, only steps from our door. Our new landlord is someone we’ve known for years and we’re happy to be partnering with him on this new space! Once we have the new space built out we’ll share photos of our loft. For local, regional, and just-passing-through folks, we’ll have an open house at the new location once we’re settled in. Keep an eye out for details on that!

Our soon-to-be new home - the Smiley Building!

Our soon-to-be new home - the Smiley Building!

Bedrock Bags
The Sky Way

Bedrock Ambassador Brett Davis set out this spring to fulfill a dream… until disaster struck. Now, the dream is on hold until 2020. Heal up fast, Brett - next spring will be here before we know it!

Directing and Editing // Greg Cairns
Story and Cover Photograph // Brett Davis
Riders // Brett Davis / AJ Verkouw
A.C. // Dan Klim
Music // Junip / Rope And Summit
Supported by // Salsa Cycles / Backcountry Experience / Bedrock Bags / 45NRTH

Bedrock Bags
New Handlebar Bags!

For 2019, hot on the heels of the brand-new Moab Handlebar Bag, we’re also stoked to release a new version of our stalwart Entrada Handlebar Bag. Intended for use with stems 80mm and longer, drop bars, or Jones bars, the Entrada is rock solid on jarring terrain. We’ve updated the mounting system, and the Entrada can now be used with or without the included pocket - which is completely redesigned as well.

We’ve also just released a new version of our long-running Tapeats Handlebar Bag. The Tapeats is our singular take on a feedbag. Virtually waterproof, one-handed operation, fits lots of snacks, electronics, or other quick-access items! One of our most popular pieces of gear.

Finally, we’ve also just dropped another brand-new piece: The Chinle Handlebar Harness. The Chinle allows you to use any dry bag you’d like as a high-performance handlebar bag. Works with packrafts, tents, or other cylindrical gear as well! Adds the same pocket from the Moab/Entrada for increased functionality.

Last-generation Entradas and Tapeats are on sale now!

Check out all our handlebar bags here.

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