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A bold claim, no doubt.  So let us back it up.  What sets Bedrock apart from all the other bikepacking gear out there?


-QUALITY.  We only use the best material for any given purpose, and we pay attention to the details.  We make all our bags in Durango, Colorado, USA.  We use as many USA-made materials as possible.  We could certainly source cheaper materials for virtually every part of every bag we make, and cheaper labor too, but that's not how we operate.  We are always looking for better ways to do things, better versions of products we already use, entirely new products to begin integrating into our production.  Once we get our hands on the nicest materials available, we devote ourselves to the details of putting them together as well as possible.  Perfect stitches, straight lines, excellent fit.  It's just our way.

-ORIGINALITY.  Virtually every piece of gear we produce has some critical function or feature that sets it apart from similar-purpose bags on the market.  In some cases we make the only bag for a given purpose on the market.  Do we get imitated?  Often.  But when you see "Bedrock Original" in a product description, you'll find a technology that we created or pioneered in the bikepacking world.

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-DESIGN.  Both functional and aesthetic.  1) Functionally, we design bags that are rock-solid on the trail, in the real world, while also being durable.  No one likes riding with bags that flop around, shift weight, tear themselves to pieces.  So one of our major design criteria is lack of movement while riding, and we have achieved this on every bag we produce.  However, we also have to mind durability and reliability - making gear that's dependent on easily-damaged stabilizers is counterproductive in the long term, leading us to designs that are sleek, minimal, and virtually unbreakable.  2) Aesthetically, we're not going to candy-coat it - from a distance, all bikepacking gear pretty much looks the same.  But up close, Bedrock bags have an aesthetic all their own.  Tailored.  Tight.  Clean.  No bulging frame bags rubbing your knees, no sloppy stitches, no awkward mounting.  We'd be lying if we said we don't care what they look like, because we do.


-CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We know that the best gear on the market doesn't matter if customer service isn't a priority.  So we make service a priority (simple enough, right?).  That means we return your calls or emails in short order, we are proactive in reaching out when we need to, and most of all, we keep our promises.  That doesn't mean that we will bend over backwards to please your every whim or, for example, place your custom bag at the top of the list when it's three weeks long.  If you're looking for obsequious, look elsewhere.  If you're looking for solid people that care about customers and only say what is meant, you're in the right place.





The people behind Bedrock come from varied backgrounds and bring equally varied strengths to the table.

-Andrew is from Bakersfield, California and has lived in Durango since 1992.  He's spent time as a geologist and a wildlife biologist, and prefers the desert to the high country.  He has a scientific mind and, when not sewing through a pile of Bedrock gear, is always thinking about ways to make things work better.  Andrew calls himself "the recreational bikepacker" at Bedrock, as he prefers taking his time to explore all the side canyons.

-Joey spent years working on the World Cup mountain bike circuit as a mechanic.  He's finished the Colorado Trail Race twice, along with the Arizona Trail Race, and would love to take on the Tour Divide and some European touring.  Joey is detail-oriented, works on bag design, customer service, and business management, and jumps on production work when everything else is done.

-Tae comes from Maryland originally.  He's ex-military, a trained biologist, and exceptionally good at producing high-quality sewn goods - in other words, a very handy fellow to have around in any situation.  He enjoys spending time with his young family and riding his mountain bike in the heat of the day.

-Jackie is a former schoolteacher that loves desert bikepacking, high country hikes, and seeing what's around the next corner.  She's the most gregarious of the Bedrock crew, and can always be found laughing about something, regardless of what else she's doing.

-Shandra has a lifetime of sewing experience.  A Durango native, Shandra loves creating elaborate costumes for everything from the Fort Lewis College theatre department to Comic Con.  She is often found at the shop in the wee hours of the morning, powering through an '80s pop music session.

-Peter moved back to Durango after a stint trying other places and realizing Durango was more fun. He last worked at Moots in Steamboat Springs, and as such, has the nicest stable of bikes any of us have ever seen.





An older generation of the Entrada handlebar bag during the 2013 CTR.

An older generation of the Entrada handlebar bag during the 2013 CTR.

Velorution's founder - Joey - was an amateur bagmaker himself, having made bags for his own bikes beginning in early 2010.  Joey liked Andrew's gear so much that he offered to start carrying them, and Bedrock Bags was born.  For the next four years, Andrew and Joey worked together on design, bouncing ideas off each other virtually every day, and the bags incrementally improved from solidly functional to truly unique and superlative, becoming some of the nicest gear available.  In early 2016, Bedrock and Velorution joined forces, officially combining the two businesses and creating the world's first adventure-centered shop that was also a manufacturer.  In late 2017, after intense growth, Bedrock spun off on its own again, with both Andrew and Joey on board, along with their talented team.  Looking forward, we promise to always provide the best gear we know how, using the best materials we can source, and keeping manufacturing in the United States.  Come along for the ride!

With the sudden popularity of bikepacking and adventure bicycling, we have seen many bikepacking gear sellers pop up in the last few years.  Some are individuals working out of their garage; some are huge corporations having bags produced in China.  Often the people designing or making bags aren't even bikepackers!  The Story of Bedrock begins before bikepacking came into the limelight, early in 2012.  Andrew had taught himself to sew about a decade prior, making all sorts of outdoor gear for himself, family, and friends.  In January 2012, he heard that a new bike shop (Velorution Cycles) had opened in Durango, and was specializing in bikepacking gear.  Around that same time Andrew had decided to make a set of bikepacking bags for his own use, and he took them to Velorution Cycles just for kicks.

Full custom Bedrock kit during the 2015 AZTR.

Full custom Bedrock kit during the 2015 AZTR.