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With our PicturePerfect template process, instead of sending a paper template through the mail, you can now send us a few photos, and we will build your custom frame bag to the same tailored-fit standard you've come to expect from Bedrock.  After placing your custom frame bag order, simply follow the below PicturePerfect instructions and you're ready to roll!

We can also use PicturePerfect to create a custom-shape Kayenta Rear Tank Bag for you, if your bike doesn't work well with the stock Kayenta shape.


  • Grab your bike and a ruler (tape measure, yardstick, whatever).  Metric or Standard - either works.  
  • Tape the ruler to the bike's frame, on the drive side.  Make sure the ruler is legible and doesn't obscure any inside edges of the frame triangle.  
  • If we're building a full-triangle bag, remove any bottle cages, frame-mounted pumps, or anything else inside the triangle; so that we can better see the placement of bottle boss bolts (inside and outside of triangle), unthread these bolts several turns.
  • If we're building a partial-triangle bag, leave your bottle and cage installed.
  • If you're going to be using other bags with your frame bag (say, a Dakota or Kayenta Tank Bag), install these on your bike so we can see where the straps lie.


  • Place your bike, drive side facing out, against a light-colored wall or background, in a well-lit area.  Make sure the bike is vertical.  Make sure the crankarms don't obscure any of the triangle.
  • Make sure your camera is configured to shoot a photo at least 3600 pixels wide.
  • IMPORTANT!  Sit or crouch on the ground, 6-8 feet from your bike, making sure you are oriented 90 degrees from the frame (both laterally and vertically).  If you are the correct distance away, all or most of your entire bike will be in the frame.  Orient your camera lens roughly in the center of the frame triangle.  Take the photo; check to make sure it isn't blurry and the ruler is legible when zoomed in.
  • Take a second, closer photo of the frame triangle and ruler, cutting the edges of the wheels, saddle, and handlebar from the frame.  Check for quality.
  • Finally, turn your bike around, so the non-drive side is facing out.  Move the ruler to the non-drive side of the frame, and take a third photo from the same vantage point as the first.  Check for quality.


  • Send all three photos to and include your name, contact number, and order number.  We will take a look at what you've sent, and if we have any questions, we will be in touch via email.  Otherwise, we'll get to work on your frame bag, and you'll receive a tailored-fit custom frame bag, ready to head out for adventure!
  • If you're old school and would rather just send a posterboard template in the mail, you can do that too.  Instructions here.