LTD GEAR, SPRING 2018: Waxed Canvas Lineup

LTD GEAR, SPRING 2018: Waxed Canvas Lineup

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LIMITED EDITION GEAR, SPRING 2018: Waxed Canvas Lineup

Keeping the tradition of our former Fresh Bag Of The Month series alive, we create a new or unique product once per season. This gear is limited edition; it is not as readily available as our normal line, and once the season is over, it's gone!

Waxed canvas: the choice of generations of outdoors enthusiasts. By pairing our proven bag designs with a beautiful, heavyweight, Made-in-the-USA waxed canvas, our lineup takes on a whole new look. As you use your Bedrock canvas gear, it will naturally acquire a beautiful patina, with each mark harkening back to a campfire memory.

For full individual product descriptions, including compatibility, specifications, and more, visit their normal, non-canvas individual pages below:

While waxed canvas has been valued over generations for its durability, it does require a bit more care and upkeep than our standard technical fabrics. Cleaning requires more delicacy. Re-application of wax may be necessary over long periods of use. Finally, if you want the MOST durable gear we make, our standard lineup is a better fit; multi-day racers, mud riders, and expedition-planners take note!


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