Custom Frame Bag Options

Custom Frame Bag Options

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Internal MOLLE System ($15):
Internal Pocket ($20):
Internal Divider ($40):
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Use this page to add options to your custom frame bag. Once you've decided on a custom frame bag style - hardtail or full-suspension, 1- or 2-Pocket - you can add the following options if you'd like. While the "standard" version of our custom frame bags work very well for many users, these options allow you to add even more utility to a bag that is absolutely unique and made specifically for your bike!


Internal MOLLE System, $15 - This is a strip of nylon webbing bartacked in 1.5" loops to the internal top portion of the bag's spine, along with OneWrap Velcro straps that can be placed in any of the webbing loops. This allows you to secure pumps, water filters, small tools, or anything roughly cylindrical to the inside of the bag, keeping them from rattling around or damaging other contents.

Internal Pocket, $20 - This is a mesh pocket with an elastic top located on the upper internal down-tube portion of the bag's spine. Great for multi-tools, energy bars, cash/ID, etc.

Internal Divider, $40 - This is a large, reinforced Velcro divider that serves two functions. First, it keeps larger frame bags from bulging in the center; second, it allows for some division of contents in the bag. This divider is oriented vertically, which makes it perfect for placing water bladders upright behind the divider. The divider is able to be folded back along the sides of the bag if you need to carry larger items in the bag. NOTE: We do not make the full-suspension frame bags with dividers. This is because virtually all full-suspension bags are small enough to make a divider a major impediment to actually using the bag easily. If you're having us build a full-suspension frame bag, do not add the divider option!