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We've spent countless days in the saddle, winding over trails, dirt roads, cow paths, highways, all around the world.  We've spent countless nights under the stars, and countless hours pushing through sun, rain, snow, wind.  We've spent years bikepacking, riding bikes, living outside.  And what better way to learn what works and what doesn't, what we need and what we don't?  If experience is the best teacher - and we believe it is - we ended up getting those post-graduate degrees, after all.  But don't take our word for it.  We'll let our customers do the talking.


"...Thoughts on the Black Dragon [dropper seat] bag. In short, it's bomber and rock solid. I love it... It's the only [seat bag] I've ever used that I could pack full of food and not have the bag shaking around at all beneath me. Kudos!" -Kurt Refsnider, AZT 300 record-holder

"When packed well and cinched down tight, the Entrada feels like it’s glued to the handlebars. The fact that it’s also compressed means it retains its shape really nicely, even after a day of rough riding."  -Cass Gilbert,

"Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our Bedrock Bags... the Coconino Seat Bag is fantastic! Super stable… Just great, great bags."  -Ravi F., California

“The Dakota is very sturdily made; its shape, design and plastic inserts really help keep it stable and upright. Construction aside, I found it to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. It’s a great looking bag!”  -Gin from

"The Bedrock Bags Entrada handlebar bag could be the most unique bag system we have put our hands on yet."

OMG…. It is Christmas in October. The bags have arrived and far exceeded my expectations. Can’t say thank you enough!!  -Phil R, Virginia

"Could not be more pleased with my frame bag. It's awesome! Fits like a glove."  -Caleb Y., Riceville, Tennesse

"{The Coconino is a} great product and I will be recommending it to anyone in the market for bike bags!"  -Troy W., Cincinnati, Ohio

"{My custom frame bag} fits like a glove!  Well worth the wait.  Big thanks to you and the crew."  -Bobby S., Los Angeles, California

"I'll 100% be recommending you guys to my friends!!"  -Matt H.

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"Wanted to let you know the bags worked great... I did a 58-mile overnighter last weekend, 95% singletrack, a dozen creek crossings, and it rained for the first 4 hours of our ride.  Everything stayed rock solid on the bike, and just about completely dry despite the conditions we rode through... Thanks!" -Jason R., Georgia

"I'd just like to say my gear arrived today and I had high expectations which were exceeded when I opened the package. You have obviously put a lot of thought and experience into the design and making of these products." -Ed



"I love my bags.  Thank you." -Andreas I., Ranchester, Wyoming

"I really love these bags…. my riding partner got mass produced Amazon bike bags, he was happy with them until he saw the quality of mine… he’s VERY jealous! Excellent product!" -Bruce K., Delaware

"Easily the simplest bags I’ve owned as far as set up and loading is concerned. No rattling even on the roughest descents. I’m more than stoked!" -Brad S., Australia

"Guys, {my custom frame bag} fits so good the Velcro is overkill! ... Awesome fit." -Steve M, Washington

"Bedrock went with a truly unique design for {the Tapeats}. I have not seen any other stash bags like it. There are many other handlebar bags on the market that are similar in size and purpose, but most have a drawstring style closure. Bedrock has done something totally different here by not only using a water resistant outer material, but by using a secure fold and velcro style closure. This style of closure allows more security for your belongings, from both the elements and from spilling out of the bag. Overall, this style of closure beats the drawstring style closure any day."

Just wanted to give you guys a shout out for making an outstanding line of equipment!  Just yesterday I completed the 2017 TDR outfitted with your bag system!  I put these pieces through the ultimate test of durability and they performed excellently given the demands of the task.  Thanks again for making a superior product and I look forward to picking up more of your products in the future... -Garrett S., Iowa

"I couldn't be happier, very nicely done!  Thanks so much for the great service, it's been a pleasure doing business with you!" -Greg H., Michigan

"Keep doing what you guys do. In my opinion, you’re the best makers in the bikepacking scene." -Mark T., Pennsylvania

"So excited to have partnered with Bedrock Bags for the recent Alaska trip. The custom panniers, frame bag, and 'burrito style' wrap for carrying pack rafts... were all just the ticket for such a burly trip."  -Brett Davis, Salsa Cycles athlete, Durango, Colorado

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-Full custom kit on 2016 NAHBS Best of Show award winning bike - this was cited by a judge as one reason Todd Ingermanson's Black Cat, built for Bedrock co-owner Joey Ernst, was chosen.

-Bedrock gear on 2014, 2015, 2016 Colorado Trail Race-winning bikes; new records set in 2015 & 2016!

-Bedrock gear on many Tour Divide, Colorado Trail Race, Arizona Trail Race bikes since 2012